The New Millennium 2010
What is your Legacy?

 As the millennium comes to an end so does another chapter in Omega’s history. When the history books are written they will tell the stories of thousands of people. They will write about the good and the bad, the young and the old, builders and destroyers, the blind and the visionaries, and the givers and takers. They will tell stories of great men like Dr. Martin Luther King and El Malik Shabaaz who chose to father a nation. And my father Fred Harris Jr. an African American, Korean War veteran, and Paterson, New Jersey Dry Cleaner who choose to father a family.

One point of interest that all readers of this history will have is, what was their legacy? What part of the road map of success did they carve for their followers? I could fill this booklet with those things that will be written about those things that will be forgotten. Our most Honorable founders, Edgar Amos Love, Oscar James Cooper, Frank Coleman and Earnest Everett Just left four cardinal principals; that of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift meant to live your life by, carved in that road map.

As we stand on what is the Omega and Alpha of the current and the next millennium, we need to ask each other as an individual, a chapter, a district and a fraternity. WHAT WILL BE YOUR LEGACY? What will you bequest future generations? This meeting will not be adjourned until history says we handed down some tangible building tools to our offspring. We the brothers of Lambda Upsilon Chapter are ready to break new ground on that road to success. Come join us and bring all your heavy equipment.

Bro. Darryl Harris