Omega Chapter

When we wear the Gloves

by Brother Carver Portlock

When we wear the gloves, a brother has gone from our midst and sailed to golden shores.

When we wear the gloves, a friend has passed the final test and walks through purple doors. The circle has an empty place, a voice will raise no more, the song of fellowship and love, Uplift forevermore, when we wear the gloves.

When we wear the gloves, a light goes from this earthly life, the visor closed again, yet all the heavens open wide to let a new star in. When we wear the gloves, a brother leaves the chapter rolls and moves to other worlds

For when we say our last goodbye, he walks on streets of Pearl.

*Bro. Ansel Payne Jr. | Beta -1946

*Bro. Charles S. Butler | Alpha -1947

*Bro. Charles W. Deal | Rho -1947

*Bro. Edward E. Hardy | Lambda Upsilon-1951

*Bro. Edwin M. Oden | Eta Omega - 1943

*Bro. George C. Riley | Beta -1942

*Bro. Julius S. Threet Jr. | Mu Psi -1947

*Bro. Juluis Glover | Zeta Omega -1947

*Bro. Lewis Alexander Rho-1930

*Bro. Raymond Quarterman | Lambda Upsilon-1951

Bro. Alfonso E. Robinson | Lambda Upsilon-1970

Bro. Benny G. Benson, Jr. | Lambda Upsilon-2001

Bro. Charles B. Sandford | Lambda Upsilon-1958

Bro. Charles E. Jackson | Lambda Upsilon-1970

Bro. Dr. James D. Carter | Lambda Upsilon - 1956

Bro. Frederick D. McWilliams | Lambda Upsilon-1957

Bro. Charles Cornish | Lambda Upsilon-1987

Bro. Harry L. Cornish, Esq. | Lambda Upsilon-1987

Bro. Herman E. Irving | Lambda Upsilon-1960

Bro. Johnnie Blackwood | Lambda Upsilon-1952

Bro. Larry L. Witherspoon | Lambda Upsilon-1970

Bro. Norman Chase | Lambda Upsilon-1957

Bro. Paul Duncan | Chi Upsilon -1947

Bro. Rev. Dr. Frank Napier, Jr. | Lambda Upsilon-1960

Bro. Richard Odom | Lambda Upsilon-1951

Bro. Samuel Hughes | Lambda Upsilon-1952

Bro. T.K. Wells | Lambda Upsilon-1987

Bro. Theodore H. Hinton, Esq. | Lambda Upsilon-1952

Bro. Willie Robinson | Gamma Sigma-1950

Bro. Winford Morgan | Mu Psi-1950

Bro. Paul Barnes | Lambda Upsilon-1956 | Photos | Program

Bro. James Agustia Edwards | Pi Epsilon-1954 | View

Bro. Thornton Smith | Lambda Upsilon-Fall 1970

Bro. Edward Warrick | Lambda Upsilon-Fall 1970

Bro. Dr. Gerald E. Glisson | Psi Epsilon-Spring 1994 | View

Bro. Hilburn "Mike" Sparrow | Tau Psi-Spring 1980 | View

Bro. Carnie P. Bragg, Jr. | Eta Psi-1958 | View

Bro. Glen Holt | Lambda Upsilon-Spring 1992

Bro. Robert J. Cornish Jr. | Lambda Upsilon Chapter | Spring 1960 | View

Bro. Stanley Sid Rogers | Lambda Upsilon Chapter | Fall 1970 | View

* Founding Chapter Members